About us

Skiroll.it On-line Shop was born in February 2007 to provide all those who enjoy rollerskiing with new products which are often not available through the normal distribution network.

Through the on-line sale of rollerskis, in-line skates and accessories, we propose a new way of transport which is alternative, ecological and funny, and at the same time cheap and healthy. A new way to regain your freedom of movement.

Skiroll.it On-line Shop is dedicated to all those who are keen on rollerskiing, roller-skating and Nordic skiing. Here they can find information, advice and suggestions on brands, models, accessories and related services for their on-line shopping.

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By subscribing to our newsletter, you will be always informed on the promotions and the offers of the month. Moreover, you will be able to suggest any ideas or projects in order to make our website more user-friendly and functional and to make our sport grow.

The Staff of Skiroll.it On-line Shop

For any information: shop@skiroll.it

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