The events that led to cancel the FIS Rollerski World Championships 2004
- In reply to the explanations of Mr Gjisbregt Brouwer 


Few days after the publication of the proposal for ”Non German Jury” on, at long last Gijsbregt Brouwer came for the first time out with it and brought to light the argument about a cancellation of the World Championships, expressing himself with a list of events, that led to cancel the World Championships.


Let us examine the arguments that Mr. Gjisbregt Brouwer adduced.


The problems began the April  the 24th, when Mr. George Brouwer started to argue with the Organization Committee of St. Wendel. Surprisingly he got backed up by the TD-assistant (technical delegate) of FIS,  Mr. Gianluca Codemo,


“I am in complete agreement with George. I remember how many doubts and problems we had with Cervinia, and I really can not imagine that all this can go on easily……”


Problems with Cervinia????

It is true, that there was some talk about it, but it was him to create them, and as the event of Cervinia was getting near, the relations between Mr. Gianluca Codemo and the Organization Committee of Cervinia got ruined.


Let us call to mind when Cervinia in 2002 organized the unforgettable edition of the rainbow coloured Championships. An exceptional event for international rollerski, that got recognized and appreciated by the representative of St. Wendel, who was present at the prize ceremony Saturday the 31st  of August 2002, at the mansion of Saint-Vincent. On the very same occasion, he declared that it would be difficult to repeat an event at that level, but that they would do their best to make a manifestation with a successful result.


As for St. Wendel so for Cervinia, the organization did not represent a bad example, seeing that the events for lots of years was held at an important Italian tourist locality. All fifteen editions of Superroll Cervinia has been a formidable demonstration and a definite proof that the Organization Committee possesses a remarkable capacity.


The circumstances that led to ruin the relations with St. Wendel, and then furthermore to conclude with a cancellation of the World Rollerski Championship, will find its explanations in the behaviour of Mr. George Brouwer and Mr. Gianluca Codemo, according to them the mayor of the town did not have any right to propose a date for an organization meeting, which was different from their proposal. Therefore they wrote a letter to F.I.S., accusing them for not being in position to organize the F.I.S. Rollerski World Championships 2004.


All those problems took place April the 24th 2004 and they did not breathe a single word about it, at the meeting with the Subcommittee of Rollerski at St. Wendel the 8th of May. Nobody was informed about it and nobody should know about it.


The rest of the story is as simple as it is insane. The “Non-German-Jury” (and that includes for instance Gijsbregt and George Brouwer and Gianluca Cordemo) suggested to re-establish the World Championship, but they did not consent to substitute Mr. George Brouwer from the jury as the German Federation asked for, so the members of the “Non-German-Jury” lost their self-control and their tactful behaviour. They did not understand the delicate situation and lost thereby also the control of the situation; they cancelled very simply the World Championships, causing seriously damage to the image of rollerski, at the athletes and the sponsors, who is now threatening those responsible the with a denunciation.


Our propose is only one; those persons must take the full responsibility of their acts and do like everyone would have done having a bit of sense of dignity in a similar situation: namely dismiss themselves.


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