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Marwe roller skis have won year after year international tests and are widely used among top biathletes and cross-country skiers in the world. Marwe roller skis are world famous for perfect ski feel, flexible and vibration damping composite frames and especially for the marwellous rollers with outstanding durability and wet grip.

Rollerski product group includes Marwe roller skis equipped with composite and aluminum frames for training and competitions. Roller skis include several options for skating and classic style training.

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Marwe Products

We have introduced re-engineered XC composite roller ski models. We are proud to have Marwe roller skis used in biathlon summer world championships and world cups. Download our pdf catalogue by clicking the image.


Rollerskiing Videos:

Videos from competitions, training and products - send us links to other great roller skiing videos ( Roller skiing is recommended only for cross country skiers, who can ski without falling down on snow. One must use safety equipment, when roller skiing, including helmet, skiing gloves, elbow pads and ski pads!

  1. 1
    Skiroll MARWE Classic 700 A
    € 274,50
  2. 3
    MARWE Borsa per skiroll
    € 25,62
  3. 5
    Set 4 Paraspruzzi Skating
    € 14,64
  4. 6
    Canotta MARWE
    € 25,25
  5. 7
    Skiroll MARWE Skating 610 A
    € 244,00
  6. 8
    Ruota MARWE Skating 100mm
    € 29,89
  7. 9
    Asse ruota 80x40 AR MARWE
    € 6,10
  8. 10
    MARWE 610 C Frame
    € 79,30
  9. 11
    MARWE 700 XC Frame
    € 79,30
  10. 12
    MARWE Skating 620 XC
    € 341,60
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