Competitive September in Sestola and Fanano

Gijsbregt: September 3rd, 2004

17th -19th September, the Italian Apennino modenese is now ready to host the last stage of the F.I.S. Rollerski World Cup 2004 Finals. Fanano and Sestola resorts are expecting the world elite champions of the summer discipline of Nordic skiers, but don’t forget all rollerski amateurs, for them subscriptions are still open.

The Fanano and Sestola climbs will make the difference to assign the Rollerski World Cup 2004. From the 17th to the 19th of September, these two Italian resorts on the Appennino modenese will host the competitions that close a tough international rollerski season.
It will probably be an Italy-Russia challenge in the MAN category where Igor Glouchkov can count on 260 score, thanks to the two victories of Cesis in Latvia and a third place in Zagreb in Croatia. To contend the leadership in the overall list the Italians Alfio di Gregorio (204 score) and Simone Paredi (146 score), second and third place. In the WOMAN category, the leader Marina Firsova (175 score) is chased by Viviana Druidi (172 score) and Elena Vedeeneva (160 score).
Ester Ribolzi (260 score) leads the JUNIOR FEMALE category with an advantage of 60 points over the Ukrainian Irina Valova.
In the YOUTH FEMALE category Ana Kosuta (210 score) will have to regain 30 points from Marie Mewes. Open games in JUNIOR MALE category, where 52 points are divided over six athletes: leader the Dutch Maurits Hofman (172 score), but Eugenio Bianchi is fourth with 45 points difference. Further behind is the “young” Matteo Fontana of Cus Bologna, ninth in the overall list with 140 score, who will use the track knowledge to try to double the win of Cesis in Latvia. There are many challengers, such as Desmond Verboort (260 score) and Muhammed Kizillarslan (210 score), Glauco Pizzuto (150), Massimiliano Gioia (145) and Gioele Ballabio (141).
Roberto Villa leads MASTER 1 category with 280 scores, followed ex aequo (200) by Stefano Corradin and Leonid Golubkov.
Alexander Eliseev leads MASTER 2 category with 200 score, followed by Jurgen Rademacher and Ulrich Kraft, (with 196 and 100), but Vittorino Corso (fourth with 90) aims at the podium.

The Nation cup overall is headed by Italy (with 3.229 score) after Germany (2.354) and Russia (1.619).

Russian rollerski national athletes will attend Sestola with a dream team made of 25 athletes, lead by Igor Glouchkov and Marina Firsova, also World Cup holders. Noteworthy the determination of the Russian team facing this last stage in the World Cup: the team of team captain Leonid Golubkov will arrive next week on the Appennino modenese to study all tracks and to plan the strategy to face the home athletes. It will probably be the Sunday 19th race “Rollissima del Cimone” to assign the final podium of World Cup: 12 km race climbing in classic technique, that at its third edition will assign the last 100 score of FIS Rollerski World Cup 2004.

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