Ramsau am Dachstein: a northern holiday even in summer!                 Versione Italiana

To the lovers of cross-country skiing, rollersking and northern sports in general, this Austian winter resort, venue of the World Ski Championship in 1999 offers notable attractions.

   Lying at the styrian side of the Massif Dachstein, this town allows to practice summer cross-country skiing at an altitude of 2700 metres on the sea-level. For the rollerski training there is a completely equipped trail with a shooting-range for biathlon, while if you are keen on ski-jumping, the K90 is used for trainings during the summer season.

The trail for cross-country skiing on the glacier of Dachstein (2700 metres).


Beside sports aspects this mountain resort offers inusual attractions such as parallel slalom with go-kart. You can also choose to try the sledges equipped with wheels.

   The town can be easily reached by the motorway that links Italy to Salzburg, following the way out, to Eben after going beyond the TauernTunnel then continuing to Filzmoos and Ramsau.

   The resort offers a wide selection of accommodation during the summer season, from the hotel to the guest house to the typical "zimmer". Even if during the winter season Ramsau paradise of cross-country skiing" is overcrowded, in Summer the flow of tourist is limited, so the valley in which this small centre rises is delightful and quiet.   

  Everyday you can meet local athletes and teams from all over the world which do trainings on the glacier, with skiroll, and prepare themselves waiting for winter appointments.

I could often meet on the trails Larissa Lazutina, a champion from Russia and see trainings of French, American, Swedish, Slovenian and Korean athletes. These meetings may result stimulating and funny at the same time.

   The track for skiroll trainings can be reached leaving the valley towards Filzmoos and turning left, following the appropriate traffic signs at the cross. Then you can see a bilingual sign (in Austrian and English) where you can find an hard description about the requested proceed for the access to the trail.

   I asked some athletes the methods to access and they answered me that there were not any problems and that I could start free my training. The only relevant thing is the notice located next to the shooting-range that recommends to inform the local gendarmerie before starting trainings with the rifle.

   The track is simply wonderful, looked from the point of view of a skier which practice skiroll from a short time. Vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles are completely forbidden. The asphalt is perfect and the lengths variable (about 3-4 km), depending on the choosen stretch of road.

   There are two main ways, one harder with demanding slopes and exacting hills. The easier one is feasible by everyone which has a minimum of experience with the facilities.

During my stay ( August 2000) I could observe local and foreign athletes using exclusively slow training material, even if there were very speed tight-rope walkers whit skates (on line) or skiroll for competitions. Finally everyone can find what is looking for according to his skills. The most technician bends are equipped with stuffed precautions, the side of the trail are covered by wood and devoid of dangerous obstacles.

The glacier is reachable leaving Ramsau directing at West. Then you take the road (toll) that takes to the starting point of the cableway. When you arrive at the top of the mountain you can see down, at your right the cross-country trail  

At the time of my vacation, the glacier offered an 8-km length trail. It did not presented relevant technician difficulties but the altitude and the summer snow make the training quite demanding.

It is suggested to rise by the first cableway early in the morning. During the great days the snow maintains a good consistency until about 10.30. Anyway the trail for skating damages itself quite quickly and creates deep wakes on the snow, so the training is more difficult. I suggest to reach the trail with suitable material to both the techniques and to choose the classical style at the end of the morning.


To prepare the ski equipment it would be good to use paraffin-wax with materials right to intermediate-high temperatures. However the glacier is open all year round. In Autumn the first snowfalls allow to use another trail. During this period in Ramsau there are a lot of athletes which wait for the imminent sporting events.

   For further detailed information about this delightful resort and about accommodation. I suggest to look at www.ramsau.com.
Every guest house offers a great variety of brochures which will describe the features and numerous attractions of this area and its surroundings.

   If you want to spend a vacation in Ramsau during the winter season, you will find a well-equipped resort for "northern ski"(length about 300 km).



Info: www.ramsausport.com

The creator of the article Antonio Marin

The article has been translated from Paola Zannese